Maternity sleepwear including pajamas, and other pregnancy clothing

Maternity Sleepwear

Maternity sleepwear includes special pajamas and nightgowns for pregnancy.

So you got the big news, you’re pregnant! While thoughts may immediately turn to all the things the baby will need, it’s also time to think about what mom needs. Your doctor will recommend you eat right, take a maternity supplement and get lots of sleep. Changes in body size, fluctuating body temperatures and the other common discomforts of pregnancy can make resting well tricky. To ensure you get quality sleep, invest in good maternity sleepwear.

There are many new styles on the market each year in the way of maternity pajamas and nightgowns. In the early months your old pajamas may work just fine but with pregnancy comes many changes to your body shape and size. As your belly grows, they will become tight and uncomfortable. If your leery about spending the money, keep in mind you will want to wear them even after baby arrives.

When shopping for maternity sleepwear look for comfortable fabrics and buy bigger than you normally would. You may fit them now but not so much later on. Cotton stretch fabric and cotton blends are the best choice. A small percentage of Lycra will also give you a little additional growing room. Comfortable fabrics are important as your skin will stretch and may become sensitive to rough fabric. It will be hard to get a good night’s sleep when your maternity sleepwear is causing a skin irritation.

Look for pajamas with bottoms that have a generous elastic belly and waistband that will stretch and position well. Buy your maternity sleepwear a little bigger than normal to accommodate the increase in body size so there won’t be a need to shop again. Look for an all season style if the climate in your area changes drastically over the months. Long sleeves would obviously only be good for colder climates, and short sleeves are perfect if you live somewhere hot. Cami and tank top sets have become very popular.

Choose maternity sleepwear with nursing access if you plan to nurse your baby. Pregnancy sleepwear is often worn in the day in the early months after baby is born. It will no doubt be frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to a crying, hungry baby and have to fumble around with your shirt or gown.

To keep things easy, look for only machine washable fabrics. Pretty lace and bows look nice but could mean the item needs hand washing. When you’re pregnant and tired, I doubt you will feel much like hand washing your pajamas. After the baby comes you will be far too busy and need the convenience of just throwing them in the washing machine.

Go online and check out, and for maternity sleepwear. The prices range anywhere from $25.00 to $150.00, depending on whether they are a single item or sold as a set. has adorable matching mom and baby sleep sets. Throw in a matching robe, handy for those moments where you have visitors to see the baby. Instead of having to change or stay dressed all day, simply slip on your robe.